Collect, utilize, and evaluate your own data as an undergraduate researcher while earning a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science in psychology, perennially one of the most popular majors at MBU. Apply Today

At Mary Baldwin, psychology students learn to develop and apply a scientific understanding of mind and behavior. Through hands-on research and opportunities, students develop critical thinking, analyzing, and oral communication skills — skills highly sought after in all aspects of work and life. The major prepares students for a variety of professions and graduate work.

Students can pursue a BA or a BS with a major in psychology. Psychology also is available as a minor.

Complete your psychology degree online.

Our psychology degree can be completed fully online through the university’s innovative Baldwin Online and Adult Programs. Just like in-person classes, the Blackboard-interface program emphasizes the development of strong conceptual skills in tandem with practical applications. MBU helps you fast-track your path to a psychology degree with the opportunity to transfer up to 18 credits (6 courses) through direct course equivalents from the Virginia Community Colleges System.

Choose from in-demand areas of emphasis:  child psychology, elder care, forensic psychology, mental health, and occupational and physical therapy.

Why study psychology at Mary Baldwin University?

  • psychology is a flexible discipline, bridging the social and natural sciences
  • at Mary Baldwin, students collect, utilize, and evaluate their own data — hands-on lab work almost unheard of for most undergraduates
  • psychology moves students to a purposeful place after college, equipping them to be successful in both graduate school and the working world
  • psychology majors leave having conducted their own research project, written it up, and presented it publicly — this level of hands on practice leaves students prepared and confident for when they enter the work force
  • skills honed in the discipline (thinking critically, analyzing, communicating orally) are useful in all aspects of work and life
  • graduates report that the intensity of the senior thesis, and the prep work required for the thesis, have proven invaluable in their careers

Professional Organizations:
Mary Baldwin students have attended or presented research at a number of the following:

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Organizations