A student and professor

Undecided? We can help.

Even though you are undecided about your major, you won’t get lost in the crowd or drift aimlessly at MBU. Small classes, coupled with our surprising number of majors and minors, means we can help you find your passion.

What is the best way to find out if you are interested in a subject? Spend time with someone who is passionate about it. Ask them questions. Let them ask you questions. Try out the field. How much more important is it, then, for undecided students to choose an institution that places its highest value on the educational experience of its students? Read more on MBU First Year Provost blog …

Dr. Ty Buckman


Opportunity from day one

  • You have immediate access to options and opportunities, so you can try things like internships and practicums as a freshman or sophomore, taking classes in different subject areas, the arts, service-learning, sports, and research.
  • You don’t have to compete intensely for these opportunities with graduate students, upperclassman, and declared majors. 
  • You have support in finding the right path through our Center for Student Success, college-to-career planning academic resources, and our tight-knit #MBUfamily.

MBU mentors

Our vibrant community opens up new ways of thinking and viewing the world, sparking ideas, inspiration, and goals. We’ll help you find your passion and translate it into a major, career, and a life of purpose.

  • Professors, advisors, and coaches get to know you as a whole person. They form advising relationships. They want to help inspire you. They care about you and your future.
  • Choosing a small, student-centered university means you won’t fall through the cracks. If you need extra motivation and support to navigate the transition to college, help is all around you.

Rest assured: It’s ok not to know yet. You’re investing in your future success by taking some time to find out your options and choose what’s right for you. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.