You think?!

Think Broadly

The College of Arts and Sciences offers the biggest choice of majors and minors at MBU. And they don’t exist on separate islands. One advantage of our small university is that you’ll have access to lots of different subjects at all times. Even once you declare a major, your professors encourage you to follow your passions … even if they’re both biology AND theatre. Interdisciplinary thinking brings richness and insight to your studies.

Think Creatively

Let your mind be curious … go down that intellectual rabbit hole … see how point A can get you to point Z (or even a point in some other alphabet). Studying arts and sciences helps build innovation. Added bonus: you will know how to clearly communicate and share your breakthroughs with other people.

Think Fast

So you can confidently tell your parents, choosing an arts and sciences major won’t leave you flipping hamburgers for the rest of your life. In fact, one-third of Fortune 1,000 CEOs have an arts and sciences undergraduate degree. Analyzing evidence to inform decisions. Following  those decisions through to conclusions. Adjusting to new ways of thinking. These are all skills employers want … and they are at the foundation of Arts and Sciences.