Meet the Chaplain

Katherine Low

Katherine Low came to Mary Baldwin in August of 2011 with more than five years of experience in campus ministry and more than a decade of experience in religious studies and interfaith collaboration.  Her main emphasis as chaplain is to support the various religious traditions and spiritual expressions of the campus while creating an environment for deeper discussion, more collaboration among faith communities, and more opportunities for academic pursuits and personal growth. Low earned a PhD in biblical interpretation from Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University (TCU) where she  also received an MDiv in 2004 and worked as a religious and spiritual life intern before becoming associate campus minister at the Wesley Foundation at TCU. Katherine is a minister in the United Church of Christ and grew up in Nebraska.

Low’s office is located in Room 107 of Carpenter Academic. To schedule a meeting with the chaplain, email or call 540-887-7044.

Sacred Spaces

Miller Chapel

  • Chaplain’s Office Lounge: Located in Room 107 of Carpenter Academic, the chaplain’s office has a lounge for student meetings, pastoral care or spiritual discernment conversations, studying, or relaxing.
  • The Sun Room: The Sun Room is a meditation space and spiritual life center coordinated through the chaplain’s office. It is located on the main floor of Rose Terrace and is a restful room lined with full-size windows. Sacred texts and artifacts from various faiths found there help create a reflective retreat for students. Visitors are encouraged to honor the meditative silence and respect the multiple viewpoints of those who share the space.
  • Miller Chapel: Reopened in 1992, Miller Chapel provides space for meetings and events and allows for various kinds of worship opportunities. The chapel is located in Wenger Hall.
  • Local Religious Groups: Outside of the chaplain’s office, students can access a bulletin board and table of information about local religious communities and events of interest. The chaplain’s office also sponsors a Fall Faith Fair the opening weeks of classes for local groups to share information on campus.


Pledge of Inclusive Community at Mary Baldwin University:

We, the community of Mary Baldwin University, strive to celebrate humanity in all its wondrous and complex variation. Because we value diversity, it is our mission to sustain a community where all may flourish. We are safe to embrace our shared experiences and our differences. To this end, we treat all with respect and compassion.