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Early College

We see that you are on to great things. You are up for a challenge. You want to start your life early. You are ready to ask the difficult questions and propose new solutions. Early College at Mary Baldwin University is tailor made for you.

The coed Early College offers the opportunity for bright 16- and 17-year-old students to skip their final years of high school and immerse themselves in college at MBU.

Kathryn Laflin ’15

Kathryn Laflin
Kathryn Laflin traded her two hour commute to an honors school in Texas for the opportunity to start college two years ahead of her classmates. Far from home, she still found solace in the Shenandoah Valley through getting involved with numerous community service projects on and around campus. “It has been one of the greatest times of my life. It is more than just a great academic opportunity, the friends and support that I have gained here are outstanding. It sounds cliche but looking back coming to [Mary Baldwin University] was the best decision I made, and I have no regrets.’

Learning Here (and there, and everywhere)

MBU professors are at the tops of their field, and they love teaching students above all else. Your classmates will be a mix of fellow accelerated students as well as traditional-age college students and older adults — with an average of 17 students per class. The result is a meld of diverse backgrounds and knowledge that broadens your academic experience.

Get your college degree and:
  • Work side-by-side with professors on research related to your major.
  • Build your resume with internships, campus jobs, and service projects.
  • Study abroad to deepen your understanding of diverse cultures and also give you an edge in the global market.
  • Present your work at professional conferences and the MBU Capstone Festival.

Living Here

Early College students are MBU students in every way, including in residence life. Most Early College students choose to live in a traditional residence hall. Until they’re 18 years old, female Early College students also have the choice of living in the fully supervised residence hall for our Program for the Exceptionally Gifted (PEG).

An immersive college experience:
  • Assume a leadership role in our Student Government Association.
  • Compete on our NCAA Division III athletics teams.
  • Join our many traditions like Apple Day, Spring Fling, Junior Dads and Family, and more.
  • Participate in our honor societies, student clubs, and club sports.

Discover the right program for you

Early College is a coed program for 16 and 17 year olds who are ready for college. Program for the Exceptionally Gifted is for girls as young as 13 years of age who will bypass all or some high school grades and live in a supervised living-learning community for academically gifted children.

Contact: Kirstin Lazri, Office of Admissions, 540-887-7019, klazri@marybaldwin.edu

Email Kirstin at klazri@marybaldwin.edu