This is the second installment of a three-part blog series related to our Education Leaders Living-Learning Community (LLC), written by LLC program coordinator Carla Van Devander:

If you’re curious about joining the Education Leaders Living-Learning Community (LLC)- an accelerated program that can result in a BA and MAT in just four years- you may be wondering about the workload. Completing necessary coursework in four years requires some semesters with heavy loads. A current student said: “I would tell new members of our Ed Leaders LLC not to panic when they see the workload that comes along with being a part of the LLC because it is all manageable and worth it in the long run.” As a member of the LLC, one of the first classes you will take is Foundations of Education. Our students particularly like this class and one said, “The Foundations of Education class I took fall semester had a service learning component and I learned so much through it. I believe that one of the best ways to learn how to be a teacher is by being in a classroom and observing someone who is already a teacher as well as the dynamics of the classroom. I love that in my first semester I had a class with a practical component and not just lectures.”

The current students in our Education Leaders LLC offer the following words of advice:

  1. “Really plan out your schedule. With the workload, having a schedule ensures you get everything done on time and even gives you time for yourself.”
  2. “Get involved on campus. The Mary Baldwin community is full of nice and interesting people and it’s great to get to know them.”  
  3. “Push yourself! Connections, friends, and mentors are here to help you. You are not alone.”  
  4. And finally, “One piece of advice for incoming freshmen would be to put yourself out there. Do something that you normally wouldn’t do. Being in this program is about finding yourself and making yourself a well-rounded person.”

Our FAQs may address additional queries. With more questions about the LLC, feel free to email or comment on this post! We look forward to having you join Education Leaders LLC at Mary Baldwin University.

Stay tuned for Part 3, a post written by a student in the Education Leaders LLC.

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