This is the third installment of a three-part blog series related to our Education Leaders Living-Learning Community (LLC). This post was written by a student in the LLC program, Brittney Murray:

Live and learn! The Education Leaders Living Learning Community (LLC) at Mary Baldwin University is an incredibly supportive group of young men and women. Everyone in the education LLC shares a desire to be an educator in some capacity. Some of us want to teach elementary education, while others want to be college professors. Some of us want to start our own school but others are content teaching in a middle or high school. A few of the LLC students have experience teaching in a classroom, while others have little to no experience (but teaching experience is not required). With or without experience, the passion is unwavering.

We are a diverse group of individuals and everyone brings a new perspective to teaching. As a result of taking classes and living together, we are a close-knit bunch of scholars. I often find myself smiling during class discussions due to the personal stories peers share that reveals what drives them to be teachers. Additionally, we created an informal mentorship model; students who have been in the LLC for more than a year mentor the first year LLC students to help them transition and feel welcomed. Not only do we support each other academically, we support each other in extracurricular activities. We do our very best to attend each other’s games, plays, presentations, and any type of performances. We are also extremely active in the local community. We volunteer and complete practicum field experiences at a nearby elementary school. While a lot of the volunteer work is required of LLC students, we have so much fun participating with students and teachers that we would volunteer even it were not required. Our enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to the Education Leaders LLC is evident in everything we do. I have made amazing friends through the LLC and could not be more proud to be a part of this community of future educators.

To learn more about the LLC, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this three-part blog post series, read our FAQs, email, and/or comment on this post!

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