This post was written by a College of Education graduate student, Brandi Eacho.

“You’re going to hell, Billy!” When you think of kids ages 4-14, what are you expecting them to learn in school? They start learning their ABC’s, then they learn to read and tell their friends that they are going to hell. Wait, that last one doesn’t look familiar? The Good News Club is part of a Fundamentalist Church that has legally bullied its way into elementary schools to proselytize to children and warn them they are going to hell. These clubs target young children using the term “4/14 Window”, (Stewart, 2008).

The most terrifying passages in Stewart’s book The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children (2012) is lifted from a book called The 4/14 Window. The passage reads, “Political movements (like Nazism and Communism) trained legions of children with the goal of carrying their agendas beyond the lifetimes of their founders… Even the Taliban places great emphasis on recruiting children” (p 130). This man’s way to inspire people to “battle for the little ones” is to cite that this is the way that the Nazi and the Taliban do it? It’s completely ludicrous…who wants to compare their organization to a group of xenophobic killers?

It is frightening and dangerous to model a Christian church bible study group after terrorist groups. The problem is that The Good News Club is becoming a homegrown terrorist group targeting children all the while trying to overthrow the public schools and the government. The Texas textbook board has several of these right-wing nuts on their payroll. They white wash and force religion into the history books to reach the children. It is alarming that this group has millions of dollars and successful lawyers so the group can spread as fast as they choose.

Stewart, K. (2012). The good news club: The Christian right’s stealth assault on America’s children. New York, NY: Public Affairs.

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