Educator’s Choice Discount:

In an effort to demonstrate our appreciation for partnerships with K-12 education, the College of Education offers a special discount for full-time public and private school employees. Whether you are a paraprofessional seeking to become a licensed teacher, a current teacher seeking to add a new endorsement, or a teacher wanting to expand your professional understanding in unique areas such as Environment-Based Learning, we’re here to help you meet those goals at a discounted rate. This discount is available for students who have a bachelor’s degree and are pursuing (a) a master’s degree, (b) a teaching license, or (c) coursework for professional development and licensure renewal. Find more information here.

Cohort Programs:

We also offer two accelerated cohort programs [online] for a discounted price of $325 per credit hour. If you already have a teaching license and would like to add an existing endorsement, consider these options:


Written by Dr. Rachel Potter and Dr. Emily Ely

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