Autism Spectrum Disorders


Mary Baldwin University is pleased to offer the Comprehensive Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) as part of a Master of Education degree. This 34-credit hour program provides students with a broad understanding of educational leadership, research design, instructional technology, as well as in depth exploration educational, community, and home-based interventions for autism. This degree is appropriate for teachers, instructional assistants, and others who may work professionally in a variety of settings with individuals who have developmental disabilities. Students who complete this program earn both the MEd degree and the Comprehensive Certificate in ASD.

IN 627 Contemporary Learning Theory for Diverse Learners 3sh
IN 629 Leadership in Education 3sh
IN 630 Methods of Professional Inquiry 4sh
ED 631 Technologies to Advance Learning 3sh
ED 632 Inquiry Research Project 3sh
ED 640* Characteristics & Assessment of Students with ASD 3sh
ED 641 Communication, Language, and Sensory aspects of ASD 3sh
ED 642 Social Skills Instruction and behavioral Strategies for Students with ASD 3sh
ED 643** Practicum Experience in ASD (includes 70 hours of fieldwork) 3sh
Graduate Elective Course 3sh
Graduate Elective Course 3sh
Total Degree Credits 34sh

*ED 640 is a pre-requisite for ED 641, ED 642, and ED 643.
**ED 643 must be taken after or concurrent with the last of the following courses taken: ED 641 or ED 642