All Applicants Must Be Federally Work Study Eligible.

Position: Weight Room Attendant

Supervisor: Christy Shelton

Office: Physical Activities Center

Job Duties: Supervise weight room during assigned hours, enforce all policies and rules. Maintaining and organizing all equipment in safe and proper working order, clean the weight room and equipment, be alert when patrons are exercising, implement emergency procedures in the event of an injury, greet patrons, enforce signing of release and consent forms. May have to work games (soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball) doing scoreboard, filming, concession stand, stats).


  • Federal Work Study Eligible
  • Work flexible hours, nights and weekends
  • Report on time for scheduled work hours
  • Complete tasks in a timely fashion
  • Complete other duties as assigned
  • Attend all meetings and training sessions


  • Communications skills
  • Organization skills
  • CPR/AED certified or willingness to be certifies
  • Ability to work positively and effectively with co-workers, supervisor and others
  • Dependable

Skills you will develop:

  • Accountability
  • Time Management
  • Establish working relationships

Hours: 8-10 hours per week


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