Applicant must be Federally work study eligible.

Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Low

Office: Office of the Chaplain

Job Duties:

QIC Leader for marketing and communication will represent Quest on social media sites, will design flyers for events with responsibility for circulation, and will send regular communications as needed. This position will hold consistent weekly hours creating, managing, and posting on social media, as well as post on the announcements page on a regular basis. Attending at least one event per month is required. This position requires creativity and knowledge of interfaith vocabulary and religious diversity so postings on social media about holidays and multiple traditions remain accurate. Training on such vocabulary will be provided. This position will also represent Quest with IFYC’s Better Together Day, which takes place every spring. QIC manager will also perform the tasks needed in preparation for Quest and the entirety of the Carpenter Preparation for Ministry program, including the Carpenter Society alumni outreach and communication.


  • Communicate with supervisor clearly on available work hours
  • Report on time for their scheduled work time
  • Be conscientious in their performance
  • Professionally communicate
  • Complete tasks in a timely fashion
  • Be flexible
  • Engage in light research methods
  • Willingness to market on behalf of the Office of the Chaplain in its initiatives
  • Work in the office independently and meet deadlines

Special skills or knowledge you need:

  • Basic knowledge of Excel spread sheets
  • Basic knowledge of social media use, or willingness to learn

Skills you will develop:

Student will gain experience working with diversity on and off campus. Student will gain experience with graphic design, marketing, and research skills. Professional training in interfaith leadership will be provided. This leadership position is designed to give the student a broad set of skills related to leading in a diverse workplace.

Hours: 2-3 hours a week


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