All applicants must be Federal Work Study eligible.

Job title: Biology Lab Assistant

Supervisor: Lab Manager (Megan Alderman)

Office/Department: PSC 204/Biology Department

Job Duties:

The student will be required to maintain lab supplies, wash and put away glassware, clean
laboratory classrooms, put away supplies, learn to use the laboratory equipment, and prepare
solutions. There may be some care of plants, animals, or bacterial cultures depending on the
classes offered. Compliance with lab safety procedures is required. Assist in other duties as
assigned by supervisor or faculty.


  • Report on time for scheduled work hours
  • Complete tasks as assigned in a timely fashion
  • Act in a reliable, professional, and courteous manner
  • Willing to be flexible depending on the needs of the lab
  • Attention to detail and lab procedures required
  • Follow both written and verbal instructions


Special skills or knowledge you need:

  • Willingness to learn
  • An interest in biology or the sciences
  • Ability to follow recipes, written, and oral directions
  • Basic math skills
  • Familiarity with metric units
  • Use of office equipment, such as copier/fax or computer

Skills you will develop:

The student has the potential to learn basic laboratory procedures, laboratory organization, solution preparation, and sterile technique. The student with gain experience working with laboratory equipment including microscopes, autoclave, pH meters, and other specialized instruments. Learning to work with other students, staff, and faculty will impart teamwork and confidence. This is an excellent on-the-job training position to supplement advanced science classes and use as a reference for future employment or studies.

Hours: 8-10 hours per week

Location: PSC 211


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