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    How to Activate Maybank2U Account
    Best regards. This is info about Maybank2u. Many people have Maybank Accounts but he does not have a Maybank2u Account. Here are the complete tips from A to Z how to register Maybank2u. With Maybank2u various affairs are easy. Do not need to queue for a long time to pay bills, to shop for a bit and to check people to put money on us. Short words are all fun ..

    1.Go to Nearby Maybank ATM machines
    2.Select the Maybank2U menu

    3.Select the TAC list of mobile phones

    4. Enter your mobile phone and select YES

    5. Now select Maybank2u Route Pin

    6. Enter your desired Maybak2u passcode. You will be asked to re-enter the PIN as a security measure.

    7.Siap registration process at ATM!
    8.Now internet access and open Maybank website
    9. Click on First time login please click here

    10. For Access Number, enter your ATM card no. For PIN also, enter no PIN that you register at ATM (Step 6)

    11. Now select the username and password you want to use for your Maybank2u account access.

    12.Siap! You can login to your Maybank2u account using your username and password in step 11.
    What is TAC?

    Every time you make a banking deal involving your cash withdrawals, Maybank2u will send a Tac number to your mobile. To verify the banking arrangement, you need to enter the TAC number that has been sent. Each TAC number is different each time you do an online banking activity, so Online Banking is safe as long as your username, password and mobile phone are not stolen.
    How to check your account balance & view transaction history

    Do you want to see the balance in your account?
    Login and click on Accounts & Banking:

    Your account balance will appear:

    If you would like to view transaction history which is a record of the activity of logging in your account, click on the Wadiah Savings Account:

    And click on Transaction History. All your debit and credit account activity will be displayed.

    “Ways To Transfer Money And Make a Purchase”

    Second Step:

    Ok, now you’ve logged in your maybank2u account.
    Here’s how to transfer money to Buy through the Internet.

    Click on Accounts & Banking.

    Then Click on Transfers like this below.

    Then click on the New 3rd party account party account transfer.

    Then click on Request a TAC number. You will get the number
    Tac you through sms sent on no tel. Your mobile that you
    Register at an ATM machine before.
    Fill Amount = $$
    In column To 3rd Party Account Number enter no. Recipient account,
    On the email recipient, fill in the Recipient email.
    Then click the Continue button.

    In the next view, fill in the tac number you can go through
    Sms (6 digits). Then click on Confirm.
    Make sure the name of the account holder is the same as the Recipient name.
    If everything is ok, click on Confirm. Completed.
    * After log out of maybank2u, do not forget to print screen logout
    Your summary.
    How, press the printscreen on your keyboard, if the laptop, press
    Fn + printscreen.
    Open the Paint program, click edit then click paste.
    Save this proof of payment at a place of interest. Eg – desktop.

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