Campus Safety

Mary Baldwin University has a record of having one of the safest campuses in the country, and is committed to preserving that status. The Campus Safety team on the main campus also provides campus safety to MDCHS. Each member of the Mary Baldwin Campus Safety team is committed to professionalism, integrity, vigilance, and helpfulness. Each officer within Campus Safety is certified through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Safety is supported at the MDCHS building with a state of the art, card control access system and fire alarm monitoring and fire suppression system.

To ensure swift communication in the event of an emergency on or near the MDCHS campus, all students, faculty and staff are encouraged to sign up for the Baldwin Alert Message “BAM” system.

Safety Escorts:

Campus Safety Officers will provide a walking escort to and from the parking lots for any student, faculty, staff or visitor during the evening hours. To request an escort, contact the Campus Safety office by telephone, or request directly from any officer on duty.

For Assistance:

For all emergencies dial 911, or from a campus phone press 8 then 911

To reach Campus Safety do the following: dial “0” or extension “7000” from any campus phone; dial 540-887-7000 from any telephone.

Campus Safety also maintains an office in room #146.

MDCHS has three (3) Emergency Call Boxes outside in the parking areas. You can reach Campus Safety by pressing the red button which will then automatically dial Campus Safety and work as an open telephone call.

MDCHS Emerg box MDCHS Emer box 2


Fire Safety

It is important to know evacuation routes, what to do in the case of a fire or fire alarm, as well as what you can do to protect yourself and your colleagues from a potential fire. Please review the fire evacuation plans to know where to assemble. Evacuation plans are also posted in every classroom and lab, along with all the building corridors. For questions or concerns please contact Campus Safety at 540-887-7000. Tornado refuge plans are also available.

If you see fire or smell smoke in a building do the following:

  1. Evacuate the building,
  2. Pull the fire alarm while evacuating (there is normally a pull station at every exit).
  3. Report to the building assembly point area.
  4. Dial 911 from a cell phone let the dispatcher know the location and any details you can give about the incident.
  5. When personnel arrive on scene let them know what you know, and if you know of anyone who may be trapped or missing. DO NOT re-enter the building until given clearance from the Fire Department or a Campus Safety Officer on scene.