Heifetz International Music Institute at Mary Baldwin


150723_Heifetz_013_PJFor almost 20 years, the Heifetz International Music Institute has been dedicated to the artistic growth and career development of some of the world’s most talented and promising string musicians. In 2012, the City of Staunton became home to the Institute, opening its doors on the campus of Mary Baldwin University. Officially recognized as the Heifetz International Music Institute at Mary Baldwin University this unique partnership brings string players from around the world, to Mary Baldwin, to experience the Institute’s innovative and cross-disciplinary Performance and Communication Training© program, designed to unlock the expressive potential of every performer through a series of cross-disciplinary modules in voice, public speaking, drama, movement, freedom of expression, and wellness, all while training with the Institute’s world-renowned faculty.

Throughout the six-week summer institute, the campus of Mary Baldwin is transformed, with the sights and sounds of music emanating from all corners of the campus. With the many performance opportunities available, both students and the City of Staunton benefit: students hone their skills on stage and build confidence while concertgoers enjoy over 41 musical performances by students as well as by faculty and special guests.

Established in 1996, the Institute continues its longstanding tradition of blending Daniel Heifetz’s trademark Communication Training with new and innovative programs, such as the Ashkenasi/Kirshbaum Chamber Music Seminar, and new multi-genre “Heifetz Hootenannies,” while producing the next great string musicians.

Mary Baldwin University also has a rich history of nurturing the arts and a solid track record of educating bright, young minds. In 1871, it became home to one of the first music conservatories in the south and in 2011, the college celebrated its 25th year of the Program for the Exceptionally Gifted.