The St. Mary's Wilderness was one of Virginias finest trout fishing areas. Acid rain has resulted in a major deterioration of the river. In an attempt to reverse the effects of acid rain a Liming project is underway.

Several trails are located in the St. Mary's wilderness area. The St. Marys river trail follows the river from the parking lot to the falls. The St Marys trail meets the Mine Bank trail shortly before the falls. The mine bank trail climbs from the river valley to the blue ridge parkway passing through several hemlock groves along the way.

The Cellar Mountain trail climbs an adjacent dry ridge through a mixed oak and pine community. A series of circut hikes can be accomplished. For detailed trail information see Pedlar District Trail guide available from most outfitters, and the National Forest Service Bookstore in the Deerfield District office on 254.

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