Inclusive Excellence at Mary Baldwin University

At Mary Baldwin, we know first-hand that diversity makes for an enriched community.

Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, and Hanukah are celebrated alongside Christmas. Students of varied backgrounds take part in Caribbean Carnival festivities, participate in Black History Month activities, and engage in traditions unique to Mary Baldwin, such as Apple Day.

Students of color represent more than 40 percent of our on-campus undergraduate population, and the Office of Inclusive Excellence taps their interests and strengths to develop programming that promotes cross-cultural sharing and exploration. The office offers holistic support to students of color: monitoring their progress, advising minority student organizations, promoting positive community relations, and representing the concerns of students of color.

Our focus is on your academic success, leadership development, wellness, cultural enrichment, and community involvement. We welcome the diversity of our campus and value a respect for others.

Pledge of Inclusivity

We, the community of Mary Baldwin University, strive to celebrate humanity in all its wondrous and complex variation. Because we value diversity, it is our mission to sustain a community where all may flourish. We are safe to embrace our shared experiences and our differences. To this end, we treat all with respect and compassion.

Contact Information

Andrea Cornett-Scott
Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence