The Academic Resource Center (formerly known as the Learning Skills Program) combines the talents of writing, math, and subject tutors into one central location: the Center for Student Success, located on the first floor of the Grafton Library on Mary Baldwin University’s Staunton, VA campus.

Our Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences Graduate Tutoring program is located in the MDCHS campus in Fishersville, VA, about 15 minutes away from Staunton. There, in a state-of-the-art facility, senior graduate students help their first year peers navigate courses in the Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant programs.


Tutorials are usually one hour long, but shorter or longer sessions can be arranged. An example of a Writing Center Tutoring session might include a tutor and student brainstorming a topic for a freshman English composition; however, since our writing tutors come from a variety of curricular backgrounds, that session might involve an in-depth explanation of Chicago Style documentation for a History student’s senior thesis.


Math Tutoring appointments are similarly diverse: tutors have a broad range of skills and can assist students with every course from Math in Contemporary Society to Multi-variable Calculus.


Subject Tutoring spans the curriculum, and can accommodate students who need help with everything from Physics to Political Science to Psychology.

Face-to-face tutorials in our Center for Student Success are easy to schedule. Just click on the relevant link, quickly create an account if you haven’t done so, then consult the master schedule for specific tutors and their availability. Brief bios on our tutors that include their particular strengths and interests may help you make your selection.

If you are an online student and need an online tutorial, one can be arranged via Blackboard, Google Docs, or the TutorTrac system. Check the tutor’s availability for working with you online. If you need an online Math tutorial, please consult the Math Tutoring schedule or the Q Center web page for instructions on how to access an online or teleconference tutorial.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jenny Joczik, Director, Academic Resource Center,, 116A Center for Student Success

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