The Peer Mentor / Tutor Program at Mary Baldwin University

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The Peer Mentor / Tutor program employs 25 student tutors whose majors, minors, and course experiences span the curriculum. If you need help with Chemistry classes, for example, you can be matched with a faculty-recommended tutor who excels in that subject. The same goes for Biology, Economics, Psychology, Political Science, and History courses, among others.

You and your tutor decide on a time and place for your weekly meeting, which lasts about an hour. In addition to subject-specific assistance, Peer Mentors/ Tutors can show you how to manage your time, take better notes, and efficiently prepare for tests. They are also great resources if you have any problems or concerns which might affect your progress at MBU.

Peer Mentors / Tutors are well-trained peer educators who are committed to advancing their skills and strategies to better serve the students in the MBU community. Both you and your Peer Mentor / Tutor sign confidentiality agreements, so anything you discuss will be considered strictly confidential.

For more information, or to be matched with a Peer Mentor / Tutor, please contact Dr. Jenny Joczik, Director, Academic Resource Center at or by phone at 540-887-7250.

For more information about our Peer Mentor/Tutors, please see below.


Diamonique Anderson : Political Science major from Chesterfield, VA

Diamonique AndersonYear of graduation: 2018
Major: Political Science
Career Goals: Lawyer

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: ENG 102; INT 103/177; PHIL 140; POLS 100/112/209; THEA 121; CHEM 120; HIST 102; MATH 159

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: English, politics, and algebra


Sport: Watching football
Hobby: Shopping
Band: N/A
Song: Anything by Beyonce
Color: Red and purple
Food: Chick-Fil-A
Book: Tuesdays with Morrie and Dreams of My Father
Movie: The Lovely Bones
Actor: Will Smith
Actress: Julia Roberts and Taraji P. Henson


Hometown: Richmond, VA
Siblings: An older brother and sister
Pets: Yorkie
Favorite trips: New York, Italy, and California

Shanaquia Brown: Social Work major from Hayneville, AL

Shanaquia BrownYear of graduation: 2018
Major: Social Work
Minor: Undecided
Career Goals: Working for a big social work agency

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: Math 155/159; BIOL 111; INT 103; HIST 264; REL 102; SOWK 153; PSYC 101/111.

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Math and history


Sports: Softball and volleyball
Hobby: Praise dancing
Band: N/A
Song: All genres
Colors: Red and neon orange
Food: Mac ‘n Cheese
Book/Poetry: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
Movie: The Sandlot
Actor: Tyrese Gibson
Actress: Taraji P. Henson


Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama
Siblings: One sister and three brothers
Pets: None
Favorite trips: California and Orlando, Fl

Carla Cisneros: Economics major from Alexandria, VA

Carla CisnerosYear of graduation: 2018
Major: International Economics and Business/ International Affairs
Minor: Leadership Studies
Career Goals: To obtain a federal government job with the CIA or with Homeland Security

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: AS 257; ECON 101/102; ENG 102; ENG 287; INT 103; JPNS 201; PHE 101; PHE 137; PHE 167; ARTH 102; AS 246; BUAD 200; PHIL 101; ECON 150

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Economics and Asian Studies


Sport: Basketball
Hobby: Dancing, drawing, & eating
Band: Girls Day
Song: 最後の言い訳 (Saigo no iiwake)
Color: Teal
Food: Sinigang
Book: Hunger Games
Movie: Shirley Temple Collections
Actor: Jason Statham
Actress: Angelina Jolie


Hometown: N/A, I moved almost every year
Siblings: Two older brothers and two younger sisters
Pets: A German Shepard mix and a Pomeranian
Favorite trips: Trips to Hong Kong and Bulgaria where I got to eat amazing food

Kaelyn Dickinson: Healthcare Administration Major

Kaelyn is currently a senior at Mary Baldwin University – majoring in Healthcare Administration.

She is a certified Peer Educator as well as the Program and Content Management Coordinator at the Vantage Point Office of Personal and Professional Development. On campus, Kaelyn has been involved in many leadership roles such as being a Resident Advisor, a member of President’s Society and an Ubuntu Mentor to name a few. Off campus, Kaelyn has increased her leadership skills by interning with Augusta Health Hospital and Pfizer, one of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world. She is also an alumna of the University of Virginia’s Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership: College Leaders Program. As a peer mentor/tutor, Kaelyn is committed to providing students with support and strategies to overcome challenges and reach success.

Jennifer Eibert: Art major from Danville, VA

Year of graduation: 2018
Major: Studio Art
Minor: Undecided
Career Goals: Gallery and museum work; International work experience

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: REL101 Old Testament; ED115 Foundations of Education; ART109 Fundamentals of Art and Design I; INT177 Colloquium “Girls will be Girls;” HIST255 History of Russia; PSYC111 Psychology as a Social Science; INT250 Teaching Writing as Process; ENG102 College English; INT103 Information Literacy

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Studio art, psychology, history, and writing


Sport: Ballet
Hobby: Drawing, reading, & listening to music
Band: Tonight Alive; Skillet
Song: “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas
Color: Sky blue
Food: Sweet potatoes
Book: Fahrenheit 451
Movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit
Actor: Orlando Bloom
Actress: Keira Knightley


Hometown: Danville, VA
Siblings: 1 brother
Pets: Dog and cat
Favorite trips: Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C. and Key West, FL

Karlie Ethridge: Psychology major from Philadelphia, PA

Karlie EthridgeYear of graduation: 2018
Major: Psychology
Minor: Art History
Career Goals: Clinical Psychologist

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: ARTH 102/103; BUAD260; ENG 102; INT 103; PSYC 101/210/220.

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Psychology and art history


Sport: Baseball
Hobby: Netflix and writing
Band: The Killers, Marina and the Diamonds
Song: “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk on the Moon
Color: Purple
Food: Cheesecake
Book: BBC Sherlock Casebook and the Harry Potter series
Movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Actress: Emma Watson


Hometown: Philadelphia
Siblings: Kevin
Pets: Pru (pug)
Favorite trips: Traveling anywhere I have not been before


Caroline Fresch: Chemistry major from Charles Town, WV

Caroline FreschYear of graduation: 2019
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Leadership
Career Goals: Air Force Physician or Chemical Engineer

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: CHEM 121/122, BIOL 111/112, HCA 150, PSYC 101

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Biology, history/politics, general mathematics, grammar and writing, chemistry


Sport: Soccer
Hobby: Listening to music and watching cartoons
Band: Imagine Dragons
Song: Human –“The Killers”
Color: Turquoise
Food: Anything except sour and spicy foods
Book: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Movie: Jurassic Park
Actor: Adam Driver
Actress: Sandra Bullock


Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma

Siblings: AMY FRESCH

Pets: Two cats named Waffles and Felice

Favorite trips: Marching band competition trips back in high school

Qadira Muhammad: Political Science major from Richmond, VA

Qadira MuhammadYear of graduation: 2019
Major: Political Science
Minor: Religious Studies
Career Goals: I want to work within international law or global humanitarianism.

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: ART 111 (Drawing I); ENG 102 (College English); JPNS 201 (Intermediate Japanese I); PHIL 140 (Community and Service Learning); PHE 175 (Karate); CHEM 101 (Forensic Chemistry); JPNS 202 (Intermediate Japanese II); PHIL 305 (Science, Religion, and the Search for Meaning); POLS 111 (Comparative Politics); REL 231 (Women and Religion)

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Japanese, political science, and religion are my academic specialties, and I am really good with time management.


Sport: I love playing almost any sport, but I especially enjoy basketball
Hobby: Knitting
Band: Mariah Carey, Linkin Park, and FLOW
Song: I love many songs, so I can’t pick just one!
Color: Light green and light blue
Food: Any (Vegetarian) Indian or East Asian Dishes
Book: I love a lot of books, so I usually my favorite books are the ones that have the most impact on me at the moment. Currently, these books are Empress Orchid and Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Movie: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Actor: I don’t have a favorite actor
Actress: I don’t have a favorite actress either.


Hometown: Richmond, VA (I was not born and raised in Richmond, though)

Siblings: Amirah

Favorite trips: A few summers ago, my family and I traveled across the south (in which we would later dub “La Tour De South”), and my favorite place we visited during our trip was Daytona Beach. I also enjoyed my travels abroad to various cities in Japan and Germany.

Mary Oliver: Biology major from Springfield, VA

Mary OliverYear of graduation: 2019
Major: Biology
Minor: Music
Career Goals: Pre Med (Nursing)

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: BIO 111 and 112; MUS 100; Applied Flute Lessons; Intro to Health Care Administration (HCA 125); Precalculus (Math 171); Women and Religion (REL 231); College English (ENG 102); CE 102.

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: I love the sciences. Even though I don’t particularly enjoy math, I’m pretty good at it. I am also good at writing.


Sport: Gymnastics
Hobby: Reading or writing poetry or cooking and baking
Band: Paramore
Song: Any song–really it just depends on my mood
Color: Purple
Food: My mom’s quiche
Book: Gone with the Wind and Mara, Daughter of the Nile
Movie: The Sound of Music
Actor: Chris Hemsworth
Actress: Kiera Knightly; Emma Stone


Hometown: Springfield Va

Siblings: 4

Pets: none (but I always wanted a black Labrador retriever)

Favorite trips: Going on 12hr road trips with my family to visit my Dad’s 11 siblings and all of their families in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.


Rhealiza Ambanta: International Relations major from Alexandria, VA

Rhea AmbantaYear of graduation: 2020
Major: International Relations
Minor: Political Science & Leadership
Career Goals: Cyber Security Officer or Public Affairs Officer in the US Air Force

Classes taken at MBU: BOLD 101, ENG 102, HIST 101, MATH 159, PHE 101, PHE 137, PHE 167, SOC 100, BOLD 102, AS 246, INT 103, POLS 112, POLS 200, POLS 260, COMM 100

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: International Relations, World History, Sociology, English


Sport: Boxing
Hobby: Drawing, Playing video games, Playing instruments (ukulele, violin, piano, etc.)
Band: McFly, Mystery Skulls, fun.
Song: “Still In Love With You” by Electro Velvet
Color: Blue
Food: Steak and eggs with rice, Macaroni & Cheese
Book: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Movie: Any Studio Ghibli movie
Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jacob Anderson, & Charlie Day
Actress: Ellen Page


Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Siblings: One younger brother
Pets: None
Favorite trips: Philippines to visit family

Tamia Baker-Johnson: Political Science major from Silver Spring, MD

Tamia Baker-JohnsonYear of graduation: 2020
Major: Political Science & Economics
Minor: Possibly Business
Career Goals: Project Manager, Human Resources, Entrapreneur

Classes taken at MBC: PHIL 102, COMM 100, ECON 101, HIST 264, POLS 111, BOLD 101, ECON 102, ENG 102, POLS 260, POLS 209, PHE 100, BOLD 102, BUAD 200

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Communications (ex. – Writing, Public Speaking, Editing, etc.), Time Management, Economics


Sport: Badminton
Hobby: Volleyball
Band: Lil Yachty
Song: “XO Tour Llif3” – Lil Uzi
Color: Pastel pink
Food: Ethiopian injera & wot
Book: The Last Leaves Falling – Sarah Benwell
Movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Actor: Shameik Moore
Actress: Meagan Good


Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Siblings: Too many
Pets: 1 dog, some fish
Favorite trips: Walking outside

JaNell Chavis: Liberal Arts and Education major from Richmond, VA

JaNell ChavisYear of graduation: 2020
Major: Liberal Arts in Educational Studies
Minor: N/A
Career Goals: Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Classes taken at MBU: BOLD 101, ED 212, HIST 102, INT 103, MATH 158, MATH 159, PHE 100, SPAN 202, ED 115, ED 120, INT 177, LALC 127, POLS 128, REL 232

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Spanish, History, and English


Sport: Football
Hobby: Shopping and listening to music
Band: N/A
Song: “Hot in Here” by Nelly
Color: Pink
Food: Mashed potatoes
Book: Their Eyes Were Watching God
Movie: Hairspray
Actor: Morris Chestnut
Actress: Taraji P. Henson

Hometown: Richmond, VA
Siblings: 2 younger Brothers: Kori (12) and Kordell (7)
Pets: One Bichon Frise- Gizmo
Favorite trips: Anywhere that involves a beach

Kourtney Goodman: Health Sciences major from Richmond, VA

Kourtney GoodmanYear of graduation: 2020
Major: Health Sciences
Career Goals: Physical Therapist of Pharmacist

Classes taken at MBC: BIOL 252, BOLD 102, ENG 102, HSCI 180, INT 103, MATH 159, PSYC 101, BIO 111, BOLD 101, HSCI 150, INT 177, MATH 155, PHE 100, REL 232

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: College Algebra, Medical Terminology, and Psychology 101


Sport: Basketball, Field Hockey, and Track
Hobby: Shopping and exercising
Band: N/A
Song: No favorite song but I love Hip-hop and R&B music
Color: Pink
Food: Pizza and French fries
Book: Tuesday’s with Maury
Movie: Taken and Safe house
Actor: Denzel Washington
Actress: Taraji P. Henson


Hometown: Glen Allen, Virginia
Siblings: 1 older sister, attends Mary Baldwin, Kirsten Goodman
Pets: No pets
Favorite trips: Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and California

Jaquelin Rosas: Social Work major from Marietta, GA

Jaquelin RosasYear of graduation: 202
Major: Social Work
Minor: Elementary Education, Leadership, Political Science
Career Goals: To become a 2nd Lt. in the Army as a Social Worker working in an army hospital

Classes taken at MBU: BIOL 148, BOLD 101/102, INT 103, ENG 102, MS 109/110, PHE 101/137/167/174, POLS 128/112, SOWK 153/156, CHEM 120, ED 115, PSYCH 111

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Political Science, College English, Social Work, College Algebra


Sport: Soccer
Hobby: Napping
Band: I don’t have one, but I do have an artist. (Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee)
Song: “Lights Down Low” by MAX, gnash
Color: Turquoise
Food: Pupusas
Book: If I Stay
Movie: Toy Story (comedy); Boo! A Madea Halloween (comedy/horror)
Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio
Actress: Angelique Boyer


Hometown: Marietta, Georgia
Siblings: 1 older brother, Carlos
Pets: None
Favorite trips: Walt Disney World

Shayla Spruill: Asian Studies major from Richmond, VA

Shayla SpruillYear of graduation: 2020
Major: Independent Major (Asian Cultural Studies)
Minor: Undecided
Career Goals: To be a translator.

Classes taken at MBU:, INT 103 A; JPNS 101/103; THEA 121; AS 106/246/251; PHE 100 ; PHIL 101/103; SOC 112

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Asian Studies, Japanese, English, Theatre


Sport: Gymnastics (I’m a spectator.)
Hobby: Reading
Band: BTS
Song: “Cypher pt. 3” by BTS
Color: Mint Green/Lilac
Food: Lasagna
Book: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut
Movie: Anastasia (animated film); Miss Congeniality (comedy)
Actor: Gong Yoo
Actress: Sandra Bullock


Hometown: Long Island, New York; Richmond, Virginia
Siblings: 1 older sister, 1 older brother, and 1 younger sister
Pets: I don’t have any, but when I graduate I want to adopt a Shiba Inu.
Favorite trips: Disney World

Casey Trzcinski: English major from Chesapeake, VA

Casey TrzcinskiYear of graduation: 2020
Major: English
Minor: Art, Secondary Education
Career Goals: Secondary English teacher

Classes taken at MBC: ART 112/125, BOLD 101/102, ED 115/120, ENG 102G/247, HIST 102B, INT 103 I, PSYC 111/211, REL 231

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: English, Art, History


Sport: Volleyball
Hobby: Reading/Writing
Band: anything Country
Song: When I’m Alone
Color: Blue
Food: Seafood, chicken
Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns
Movie: The Princess Bride
Actor: Liam Hemsworth
Actress: Blake Lively


Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia
Siblings: 1 older brother, Cody
Pets: 2 labs, Cooper and Hannah
Favorite trips: The Beach