The Subject Tutoring Program, formerly known as the Peer Mentor / Tutor Program, employs our largest group of tutors with the widest range of majors and minors.

These tutors have been recommended by faculty in their disciplines as possessing the skills and the knowledge to effectively assist their peers with challenging coursework.

As subject tutors, they provide help with content comprehension to help students prepare for tests, research papers, and other class projects.

Tutorials take place in the collaborative space of the Center for Student Success, on the first floor of the Grafton Library on Mary Baldwin University’s Staunton campus.

Sessions usually last for 30-60 minutes and can be set up to recur on a weekly basis. Face-to-face appointments are easy to schedule: just click on the link above, quickly create an account if you haven’t done so, then check the master schedule for your selected tutor’s availability. The brief bios on our tutors below indicate areas of specialization and will help you make your selection.

If you are an online student and need an online tutorial, one can be arranged via Blackboard or Google Docs. Check the tutor’s availability for working with you online.

In the event that you need help in a course that we do not have a tutor for, every effort will be made to find you a tutor. For more information, please contact Dr. Jenny Joczik, Director, Academic Resource Center,, 116A Center for Student Success

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Contact Information

Jenny Joczik, Director

For more information about our Peer Mentor/Tutors, please see below.


Caroline Fresch: Chemistry major from Charles Town, WV

Caroline FreschYear of graduation: 2019
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Leadership
Career Goals: Air Force Physician or Chemical Engineer

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: CHEM 121/122, BIOL 111/112, HCA 150, PSYC 101

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Biology, history/politics, general mathematics, grammar and writing, chemistry


Qadira Muhammad: Political Science major from Richmond, VA

Qadira MuhammadYear of graduation: 2019
Major: Political Science
Minor: Religious Studies
Career Goals: I want to work within international law or global humanitarianism.

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: ART 111 (Drawing I); ENG 102 (College English); JPNS 201 (Intermediate Japanese I); PHIL 140 (Community and Service Learning); PHE 175 (Karate); CHEM 101 (Forensic Chemistry); JPNS 202 (Intermediate Japanese II); PHIL 305 (Science, Religion, and the Search for Meaning); POLS 111 (Comparative Politics); REL 231 (Women and Religion)

Areas of strongest academic interest/strength: Japanese, political science, and religion are my academic specialties, and I am really good with time management.


Mary Oliver: Biology major from Springfield, VA

Mary OliverYear of graduation: 2019
Major: Biology
Minor: Music
Career Goals: Pre Med (Nursing)

Classes taken at Mary Baldwin: BIO 111 and 112; MUS 100; Applied Flute Lessons; Intro to Health Care Administration (HCA 125); Precalculus (Math 171); Women and Religion (REL 231); College English (ENG 102); CE 102.

Areas of strongest academic interest or strength: I love the sciences. Even though I don’t particularly enjoy math, I’m pretty good at it. I am also good at writing.



Rhealiza Ambanta: International Relations major from Alexandria, VA

Rhea AmbantaYear of graduation: 2020
Major: International Relations
Minor: Political Science & Leadership
Career Goals: Cyber Security Officer or Public Affairs Officer in the US Air Force

Classes taken at MBU: BOLD 101, ENG 102, HIST 101, MATH 159, PHE 101, PHE 137, PHE 167, SOC 100, BOLD 102, AS 246, INT 103, POLS 112, POLS 200, POLS 260, COMM 100

Areas of strongest academic interest or strength: International Relations, World History, Sociology, English

Tamia Baker-Johnson: Political Science major from Silver Spring, MD

Tamia Baker-JohnsonYear of graduation: 2020
Major: Political Science & Economics
Minor: Possibly Business
Career Goals: Project Manager, Human Resources, Entrapreneur

Classes taken at MBC: PHIL 102, COMM 100, ECON 101, HIST 264, POLS 111, BOLD 101, ECON 102, ENG 102, POLS 260, POLS 209, PHE 100, BOLD 102, BUAD 200

Areas of strongest academic interest or strength: Communications (ex. – Writing, Public Speaking, Editing, etc.), Time Management, Economics

JaNell Chavis: Liberal Arts and Education major from Richmond, VA

JaNell ChavisYear of graduation: 2020
Major: Liberal Arts in Educational Studies
Minor: N/A
Career Goals: Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages

Classes taken at MBU: BOLD 101, ED 212, HIST 102, INT 103, MATH 158, MATH 159, PHE 100, SPAN 202, ED 115, ED 120, INT 177, LALC 127, POLS 128, REL 232

Areas of strongest academic interest or strength: Spanish, History, and English


Jaquelin Rosas: Social Work major from Marietta, GA

Jaquelin RosasYear of graduation: 202
Major: Social Work
Minor: Elementary Education, Leadership, Political Science
Career Goals: To become a 2nd Lt. in the Army as a Social Worker working in an army hospital

Classes taken at MBU: BIOL 148, BOLD 101/102, INT 103, ENG 102, MS 109/110, PHE 101/137/167/174, POLS 128/112, SOWK 153/156, CHEM 120, ED 115, PSYCH 111

Areas of strongest academic interest or strength: Political Science, College English, Social Work, College Algebra


Casey Trzcinski: English major from Chesapeake, VA

Casey TrzcinskiYear of graduation: 2020
Major: English
Minor: Art, Secondary Education
Career Goals: Secondary English teacher

Classes taken at MBC: ART 112/125, BOLD 101/102, ED 115/120, ENG 102G/247, HIST 102B, INT 103 I, PSYC 111/211, REL 231

Areas of strongest academic interest or strength: English, Art, History