How to annotate videos with a SMARTBoard


You can use the SMARTBoard Ink Layer to annotate over a video image. One example of how this might be used is to draw on top of a paused YouTube video.

In a SMART Notebook, click on Insert and then Internet Browser. At the bottom of the Browser pane, type or paste in the URL of the video you wish to display.


Turn on the Magic Pen by clicking on Pens, then Pen Type and Magic Pen. The Magic Pen ink will disappear after a few seconds. This makes it ideal for use with videos. Except – you cannot draw circles or squares in disappearing ink mode, because for the Magic Pen, circles are spotlights and squares are magnifiers.


Click on the Pause and Play buttons within youtube to play the video. You can Pause the video, write on the video with the Magic Pen and then resume the video. A short example is shown here: