AV Carts in Spencer Center, SAC Clubroom, SAC Ballroom


  1. No computer is permanently located in the room—OIT can lend a laptop that the user must hook up to the video projector.
  2. Plug either the HDMI or the VGA cable, depending on what your laptop has, into the Laptop. Plug the Laptop Audio cable into the headphone jack of the laptop if you are using VGA. If you hear a buzzing sound from the amplifier, check to make sure that you didn’t plug the cable into the microphone jack.
  3. Turn on the Laptop and log in.
  4. Using the Epson Projector Remote, turn on the projector. Select the proper input with the remote: for HDMI, press Video until “HDMI” appears in the top right of the screen; for VGA, press Computer until “Computer 1” appears in the top right of the screen. If you want to use the DVD player if available, press Video on the remote until “Video” appears in the top right of the screen.
  5. The speakers and amplifier are inside the cart. There is a power switch on the amplifier and a volume knob marked Laptop that controls the volume for laptops and DVD for the DVD player.
  6. Focus and zoom levers for the projector are accessible through the cutout in the top of the cart. They are on the top side of the projector next to the lens. The zoom control is marked W (wide angle)/T (telephoto).  The unmarked control is the focus.
  7. Always turn off the projector when you are finished. Video Mute does not shut down the projector.