Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for Meetings

Participating as a guest:

To set up a virtual meeting and/or record a session outside of Canvas, raise a ticket with the CTL asking for a Blackboard Collaborate Session outside of Canvas. Sessions can be open ended and reused over and over again.

You and all the moderators for the session will receive an email from Blackboard Collaborate that looks something like this:

To log in as the moderator, click on the Join the Blackboard Collaborate Session link.  DO NOT SEND this link to anyone else. Only one person can use this personalized Join link at a time and if someone else is using it, it will lock you out.  Copy the Guest link (under To invite others to join the session, email the following link:) and email that link to your guests. Your guests will be prompted to fill in their name when they click on their guest link.

When you first enter the Ultra session, you should be prompted to Allow the browser to use your camera and microphone. In the session, in order to be seen and heard, you will need to click on the Microphone and Camera Icons at the bottom of the Blackboard Collaborate screen.


To “Share” your desktop or applications you will need to use the Chrome browser and install a Chrome Extension. When you click on the Purple Collaborate Panel icon and the Share Content icon, you will be prompted to install the extension if you do not have it already installed. If you are NOT prompted to install the Chrome extension, go here to install it.

Your guests will by default be Participants or Presenters in the session, depending on the session configuration. You as the Moderator can elevate their privileges so they can be a Presenter or Moderator. To do this, click on the purple button at the lower right hand side of the screen and click on the Participants Icon. Then click on the little settings button (three dots inside a circle) next to the Participants whose privileges you wish to change, and choose their new status. Presenters can share their desktops and applications, captioners can ‘live caption’ the session, and moderators have the same session management privileges that you have.

Your or your guests may be calling into the session via telephone. To get the telephone number, click on the Session Menu (three vertical lines at the upper left) to see the telephone call and PIN. Each participant in the session will have a unique PIN. If for some reason you need to generate a pin for a remote user (they do not have a computer available to them) then you can open the participant link in another browser and get them a unique PIN from that session. You will need to LEAVE THAT OTHER BROWSER OPEN during the session as well as the browser you are using. NOTE that another browser means Firefox, Chrome or Safari, not another tab in the browser you are already using.

To record the session, click on Start Recording. After you Stop the recording and exit the session, the Administrator that set up the session will receive an email with a link to the recording, and will need to forward that link to the request to the moderator.

Participating as a Guest

Full documentation from Blackboard is here:

Shortcut to Participating via iPhone

If you are using a computer to access the session, please use Chrome. When you click on the link to the session, you will be prompted to enter your name.


When you first enter the Ultra session, you should be prompted to Allow the browser to use your camera and microphone.

If you cannot get the popup to appear, you may need to go into settings on your browser to Allow this site to access your camera and microphone:

When you first Join the Ultra session, your camera and your microphone are muted by default. You will need to un-mute them by clicking on the microphone and camera (looks like a movie camera) icons at the bottom of the page.

if you have more than one camera or microphone, you can change your microphone or camera  if you click on Set up your camera and microphone. Click on little purple tab at the bottom right of your screen to open the Control Panel. The Settings Icon (looks like a little gear) will show you your Audio and Video settings:


Blackboard has supplied documentation for various browsers here: BBCollab Microphone Steps

This website will allow you to test your webcam, speakers and microphone before entering the session. Don’t download anything from this site, just click on the Test Buttons at the top of the page. To test the volume of your microphone, from your PC you can use Sound Recorder to make a little .wma file that you can play back. If you need to change the defaults for your camera, microphone or volume levels, you would use the Control Panel (usually a gear icon) on your device.

More technical information about Blackboard Collaborate is here