Photocopying and Scanning from the MFPs (Multi Function; Printer, Scanner, Photocopier)

Student Use Ricoh Multifunction machines are located in the computer labs on the top floor of Wenger Hall, and on the main and first floors of Grafton Library. Many of the University’s business units have Ricoh multifunction machines as well. Students have an allowance of 1000 free prints/copies per academic year. This is the Home screen:


Please note the Secure Print button. Documents sent the to the MBU Secure Print “printer” or sent in via email to will only print when you are logged in at the printer itself to receive them—no more mad dash to the printer after clicking “Print” to keep others from seeing a test or a personal document that others shouldn’t see. No more abandoned print jobs in the printer tray. Secure Print documents are held on the secure print server for three days until the user logs in at a Ricoh printer, selects Secure Print and releases (prints) their document.

Faculty and staff can print Secure Print documents from any of the Ricoh multifunction printers on campus. Students on Main Campus can release Secure Print jobs on the copiers in Grafton Library main floor and in the Student Success Center, as well as the new copier on the fourth floor of Wenger in the hall between the computer labs. MDCHS students will have this option on the student printers located on the ground floor and second floor.


Scan files can be directed to several locations for your convenience:

  • The Email To Me option will scan your document and send it to you as an attachment.
  • Scan To Email allows you to enter another email address for distribution.
  • Scan To Department allows your document to be sent to a folder either on your U: drive or departmental folder.
  • Scan To OneDrive will send the document to your Microsoft OneDrive cloud account.

When selecting one of these options you have the choice of the output type.  Most common will be the PDF option. You also have the option of selecting a .doc type output, commonly used by Microsoft Word.


Selecting the copy button will open the traditional options associated with copies: single or double-sided, number of copies, collation, etc.


Fax services are restricted to select machines in certain departments.

Login Methods

The user enters their MBU username and password on the virtual keyboard on the touchscreen. Power users can receive a six-digit Ricoh Personal Identification Number (PIN) to speed up the login process upon subsequent uses.

Use the Login button to log in with your MBU username and password.


(If you have logged in before and taken note of your 6-digit copier PIN, choose PIN Login.)



The first time you log in to a copier, you will need to enter your MBU username and network password (the one you use to log into a campus computer). Your PIN will be emailed to you, or can be found using the instructions below.




The menu icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen contains the SLNX User Info item. Pressing this will show your printing account info, including your six-digit copier PIN. To take note of your PIN, click on Hide if it shows as ******




Don’t forget to press Logout when you are finished. For Ricoh errors or requests for maintenance please contact the Help Desk at or 540-887-7075 during University business hours.