Editing Recorded Lectures

Windows Live Movie Maker can be used to edit .wmv videos that you might have made with SMART recorder, Powerpoint or via some other means.

To successfully edit, it really helps if, when recording in the first place, you PAUSE between topics or before forwarding to the next topic/slide.  If you make a mistake while recording, do something that is visible on the computer screen (so you can easily find the place later)  and then pause.  Then you will be able to “trim” using the PAUSES so that the end result is relatively seamless.

To edit you can do a Free Download of Windows Live Movie Maker.  Do the Custom Install and go carefully so you can unclick everything else that they might try to get you to install along with it.

  1. Start a New Project
  2. Click on Add Videos and Photos and add the .wmv file you want to edit.
  3. Locate the Bad section of the video.
  4. Click on Split at the start of the Bad section.  This will split the file into two sections
  5. Click Split at the end of the Bad section.  This will split the file into three sections
  6. Click on the center section (the Bad split) and press the Delete key.
  7. You will end up with two sections that play as one file.
  8. If you are making multiple edits, go back to Step 4.
  9. Click on File Save As and save it in case you need to change anything later.
  10. Click on File Publish Movie and chose youtube.  (your youtube sign-on and password are the same ones you use for your Mary Baldwin gmail) OR
  11. Click on Save Movie (icon on the top right) and choose “For computer” if your video is something like a narrated Powerpoint and you don’t need high definition images, or choose “For high-definition display” if your video includes recorded desktop applications which need a higher definition display.  This will create a .wmv file that you can upload to YouTube or your Google drive.


You may need to create and confirm a Windows Live! user-id using a legitimate email address (use your marybaldwin.edu one)