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How do I check my Mary Baldwin voicemail?
Voicemail is delivered to your email address.
If you have chosen voicemail to be delivered to your phone instead, you’ll:

  • Call the voicemail number: 540-984-4000
  • Enter your 10-digit phone number, beginning with area code (e.g. 540887xxxx)
  • Enter your voicemail PIN
  • Follow the prompts

How do I change my voicemail greeting?

To change your voicemail greeting, use one of these methods:

  • Log into the Communication Portal ( ) using your phone number as the username. Click on the green “Message Settings” icon, Once logged in you must go into the message settings which is labeled with the voicemail icon, navigate to “Voicemail Greeting” and update the greeting.
  • Dial the voicemail number: 540-984-4000 (or press the envelope button on your phone) and enter your PIN. Press “3” to work with your greetings.

Diagram with labels for Polycom phone keys

How do I check missed calls?

Press down on the round navigation key (see illustration above) and continue to scroll down to view the missed calls. As each call is highlighted, you’ll be presented with options to:

  • “Dial” the caller
  • “Info” – select this button, then “Save” to add the caller to your personal directory

How do I put a call on hold?

While the call is in progress, press the Hold key; see diagram above for location of Hold key. To remove the hold, press the Hold key again.

How do I transfer a call?

Press the transfer button (see illustration above) and call the other party. When you hear the ringback tone, or after you talk with the other party, press the transfer button again.

How do I “mute” a call?

While the call is in progress, press the Mute key; your voice will no longer be transmitted over the call. Press the Mute key again to return to normal. See diagram above for location of Mute key.

How do I use the speakerphone feature?

  • While the call is in progress, press the Speakerphone key, OR
  • Before making a call, press the Speakerphone key. Begin dialing when you hear the dial tone.

See diagram above for location of Speakerphone key.

How do I add a monitored extension on my phone?

A monitored extension lets you use your handset to see the status of another extension (for instance, a colleague in your department) and to answer calls to that extension. The monitored extension can also be used as a one-touch “speed dial” to that extension.

Login into the Communication Portal using the 10-digit number for your extension and your password

    • Click on “Devices” at the bottom left of the screen
    • A dialog box will pop up showing your extension. Click on “set keys”
      Set keys dialog box


  • Click on the picture of the phone
  • Click on “Programmable Keys – Line”
  • Select any available key (that is not already programmed). Key 1 is reserved for your own extension
  • Under “Soft key action,” select Monitored Extension
    Dialog box: set monitored extension
  • Next to Extension, enter the four-digit extension you want to add as a monitored extension
  • Next to Label, type in a one-word description (typically, the name of the person corresponding to the monitored extension)
  • Click on Save changes at the bottom right; if  “update phone immediately” is checked, the phone will re-start immediately