Getting the most out of your Touch Screen Monitor

Turning ON your Touchscreen Monitor

The On/Off button for the touchscreen monitor is on the edge, on the right hand side:




Classrooms with touch-screen monitors

The following classrooms have touchscreen monitors installed:

Academic 410
Academic 411
Deming 105
Deming 111
Grafton 500
King 108
PAC 106
Pearce Science Center 208
Pearce Science Center 213
Pearce Science Center 309
Roanoke 816E
Wenger 401

The Floating Toolbar

Smart Notebook is installed on all instructor PCs with touch screens. The Smart Notebook Floating Toolbar stores the most commonly-used pens and tools. Clicking on the double arrows on the tab retracts and reveals the toolbar, while clicking on the grid of dots and dragging allows the toolbar to be moved up and down on the edge of the screen or to the opposite edge of the screen.

Obtaining a Stylus

The “screen” type of stylus works best on these touchscreen monitors. To get yours, drop by the OIT Help Desk on Staunton Campus or enter your request here.

Writing on Microsoft Office Documents.

You may write on or mark up existing Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other Office documents with a stylus or your finger. Open the document and click on the Review tab at the top. On the far right, click on Start Inking. You will then have a choice of pen and highlighter colors and line widths. Stop Inking is also on the Review tab. You may either save your inking changes to the document or not.

Writing in Smart Notebook

Smart Notebook files may be written on or marked up. Open an existing or new Smart Notebook file. Pens, highlighters, and erasers are available by touching their icons.

Writing on PDF files

Smart Ink allows you to write on top of PDFs. Open the PDF and click on the gray Smart Ink icon at the bottom of the screen.

Calibrating your Monitor

In case your monitor is not aligned correctly, you would click on Control Panel, Tablet PC Settings, then Calibrate. A grid will be displayed, and you should tap the stylus on the crosshairs of the grid to calibrate the screen.


Removing the keyboard pop-up

If, when you touch the screen with a stylus, a keyboard popup annoys you, here is how to remove it.

1) Click on the floating keyboard icon and when the Touch Keyboard appears, click on Tools and then Options.

floatkeyboardicon    touchkeyboard



here2) OR, click on Control Panel, Tablet PC Settings, and Go to Input Panel Settings.


3) In the Input Panel Settings Opening Tab:

  • Click on Point to the Input Panel icon or the tab
  • Click on Show the icon on the taskbar
  • Unclick For touch input, show the icon next to the text box
  • Unclick Use the Input panel tab.
  • Click on OK



This will move the touch keyboard to the tray at the bottom of the screen.

Using SMART Notebook with a touchscreen monitor

If you want to “try out” SMART Notebook with a touchscreen monitor, request a time in PSC 216 with the Registrar’s office. If you wish to have SMART Notebook installed in another classroom, please fill out a request form here. (Log in with your Mary Baldwin ID and your NETWORK password, click on New, New Ticket from Queue and then Help Desk)