Instructional Technology iPad Checkout Policy

The office of Instructional Technology has fifteen iPad2s available for students to use in a classroom setting and for faculty and staff to use for evaluation. These iPad2s are equipped with a basic collection of apps licensed to the College, and can access the internet via a wireless network. These iPad2s are NOT to be connected to or synchronized with any PC outside Instructional Technology. These iPad2s are NOT to be reset to the factory defaults.

First priority for borrowing these iPad2s is given to faculty members who would like to use them in the classroom. Faculty members may check out multiple iPad2s by providing the Instructional Technology Team a minimum of 4 weeks advance notice in order to ensure that the required number of iPad2s are available when needed. Individual students may check out the iPad2s for a class only under the authority of an Mary Baldwin faculty member.

If a faculty member wishes to borrow an iPad2 to test it for potential use in the classroom or lab, and if the iPad2 is not required for a course, he or she may “check out” an iPad2 until the end of the current semester with the understanding that if the iPad2 is required for use by a class, it must be returned immediately.

If staff members wish to borrow an iPad2 for Mary Baldwin business purposes, they may request one from the Instructional Technology team ( , giving at least 7 days notice. The iPad2s will be loaned to authorized staff if there is an iPad2 available and the Instructional Technology Staff has sufficient time to prepare the necessary paperwork.

Anyone who borrows an iPad2 must personally accept full financial responsibility for the cost of repairing any damage or replacing a lost device.