Instructional Technology Newsletter 23

Lecture Capture for a “Snow Day”

April 2017

What happens when we have a snow day? Or you are unexpectedly ill or need to be away for a conference? Some of our colleagues have created examples of Snow Day Options, using the equipment and/or software available to us.

Dr. Krissy Egan, English

Dr. Egan recorded this lecture in her office.  On her desktop, she opened the SMART notebook slides that she typically uses in her on-campus course, and then recorded the lesson using SMART recorder, which records the audio along with any interaction with the desktop (like the movement and action of the mouse for example).

Dr. Egan shares this lecture with both her online and on campus students.  It can serve as a snow day lesson for an on-campus course and  can be incorporated into an online course whenever needed.

(To view YouTube videos in higher definition, click on the Gear icon at the bottom right and then choose a higher quality)



Dr. Kate Franzen, History

Dr. Franzen recorded audio of some of the lectures she delivered to her face-to-face HIST102 class. These lectures are shared with her Online Students. As Dr. Franzen was not adept with the technology for recording, we set her student assistant up with a “Snowflake” microphone and “Sound Recorder” on her laptop. Dr. Franzen signaled to her student assistant when to begin and end the recording.

One of those lectures, “Courtship and Marriage” would work almost any time during Spring semester, so if there was a Snow Day and face-to-face classes were cancelled, Dr. Franzen could ‘supplement’ her Snow Day assignment. In addition to her instructions to take notes on the assigned reading, Dr. Franzen would provide them this recorded lecture.

Dr. Amy Diduch, Economics

Dr. Diduch recorded a lecture in the Instructional Technology Studio, using Adobe Premier Pro, the Canon video camera, the Smart Board and the Lavalier microphone.

The Big Mac Index is a widely known tool for predicting changes in currency values. Dr. Dicuch can use this lecture on The Law of One Price and the Big Mac Index in two different courses, Econ 102 and Econ 254. It can serve as a fun “snow day” lecture in Principles of International and Macroeconomics course (Econ 102) because it reinforces the skills they are learning in the course (converting foreign currency prices to U.S. prices and calculating percentage changes).  It can serve as a “flipped classroom” lecture in International Finance (Econ 254) because those students need to understand how to construct the original index in order to analyze its strengths and weaknesses and to calculate different versions of it.

Dr. Joe Johnson, Math

To record this lecture, Dr. Johnson hooked wireless headphones up to a classroom computer and recorded it on the SmartBoard.

The lecture is intended to supplement the in-class work.  The video could be shown before, during, or after the sections on infinite series in a Calculus II class. The students would be asked to flesh out the details in a more rigorous fashion than presented in the video.

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