Multimedia Setups at Staunton Campus and at MDCHS

If you have any multimedia needs for your event, please create a Help Request at least two business days before the event. This includes requests for audio, video, Smartboards, document cameras,  DVD or CD players, and laptops that play PowerPoints, music, or video.

It is more helpful if you email what you want to do for your event, rather than the pieces of equipment you think you need. That is, “I want to play music from a file on my personal laptop in Carpenter Academic 500” instead of “speakers.”

In addition to this information, please make sure the requests includes everything we need to know in order to help you:

  • Start and Finish time of Event
  • Location of Event
  • Contact person and cell phone number of contact
  • Sponsoring Organization

Some events require that multimedia equipment be moved.  Please create a Help Request for these requests as well.  Don’t try to remove or reset any multimedia equipment yourself!  We’ve had problems with equipment not working for a class the next day because it wasn’t reconnected properly.

Please don’t assume that the space you are requesting has what you need based on what you have seen in the space before. We move equipment around frequently. If you request it, we’ll make sure it is there, or we’ll discuss an alternative space with you that may be even better-suited for your event.

Please help us help you to make your event a success. We know that planning an event can be stressful. With advance planning, you can concentrate on all the other parts of the event.