Uploading a YouTube Video

If you are logged in to your Mary Baldwin gmail when you go to www.youtube.com you will find you are already signed in to YouTube with your Mary Baldwin credentials.

If your video(s) will be longer than 15 minutes, click here to increase the default limit.

At the Youtube Home page, click on the little Google Icon at the upper right and choose Creator Studio or YouTube Studio.


Under Channel, click Upload Defaults, and UNCLICK Allow comments.


Under Advanced, unclick “allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos”.


Click on Videos and then click on the Upload Icon at the upper right.


Click Upload Video and “select files to upload.” Locate and select your saved file and follow the prompts to upload it. Depending on your file size, this may take some time.


While it is uploading, you will have the ability to change the settings. Change from “private” to “unlisted.” This means that only people who have the specific link can view it. You can enter a title and description for your video clip. Make note of the specific URL for your video. This is the link you will share.

If you need more privacy than the link just being unlisted, you can make it Private. To do this, in Video Manager click on Edit and put the specific gmail addresses in the Share box. Whoever you are sharing with will need to be logged on to YouTube with their Mary Baldwin gmail credentials in order to view the video. If you are sharing more than one video, you can Copy these gmail addresses and Paste them in to the share box when Editing the next video.

You can also choose Private and allow only those logged on with @marybaldwin.edu credentials to view the video. To do that, make sure the Video is Privacy is set to Private, then scroll down on the left until you find “Other Features” and choose “Share Privately”.

On the Share Privately Screen, click on “Let everyone at marybaldwin.edu view”.

Click on View on Video Page (up at the top) to view the video on the YouTube site and to copy the URL so you can send it to your student.

Putting a link to a YouTube video inside your Canvas Course

You can embed your YouTube video on a Page or within an Assignment or Discussion Board.
While your YouTube video is playing, Right Click and choose Copy Embed Code.

Within your Canvas Text Box, click on the Insert/Edit Media Icon. Click on the Embed Tab, Ctrl-V to paste your Embed Code from YouTube and click on OK.

You might want to mention that if anyone has difficulty viewing the video, they can make it full screen and then click on the little gear icon below the video pane (Settings) and choose a higher definition. For PowerPoint slides, 480 may be high enough, but if there are intricate graphics or for screencasting, you might suggest viewing the video in HD.