Respondus Lockdown Browser

Instructions for Instructors:

After you have written and deployed a test, you can set the test to be taken using Lockdown Browser only. In Control Panel, Tools, click on Respondus Lockdown Browser.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you change the Test Options for a test, you need to go back into the Respondus Lockdown Browser tool and ensure that the Lockdown Browser is still required. You may need to click on the Fix It button. 

Also note: Respondus 4.0 can be used to print your exams, if you make a request of the Instructional Technologist. However, care must be taken in using images in your exams in order to print them satisfactorily. Audio, video and other media files along with images linked through a web link cannot be printed through Print Options. Respondus 4.0 can only print image files (JPEG, PNG, or GIF ) that are stored with the question as a file. It cannot print images that were pasted into the question.

(If you cannot see the Respondus Lockdown Browser Tool, click on Control Center, Customization, Tool Availability, and find the Respondus Lockdown Browser Tool. Click in the little box to make it Available to the course and Submit.)


When the Respondus Lockdown Browser Tool screen is displayed, it will show you all the tests in your course. Click on the little down arrow next to the test you wish to associate with the Lockdown Browser, and click on Require Lockdown Browser and Save and Close.


You may wish to add something similar to the information from the below link to your Syllabus:


Lockdown Reporting: Viewing early exits

Instructors have the option of locking students into an exam until they have submitted it for grading, or allowing them to exit early.

This optional exam setting for LockDown Browser has a default setting of “off”. When set to off, students who leave an exam before submitting it will have to provide a reason for exiting the exam early. This reason can then be viewed by the instructor.

It is recommend letting the setting default to OFF, as there are often legitimate reasons why a student might need to leave an exam early such as losing internet connection.

  1. Once logged into the Blackboard course, click on the Tools
    link in the navigation panel.
    (Respondus LockDown Browser can also be found in the Course Tools section.)
  2. Click Respondus LockDown Browser
  3. If the assessment had early exits, an orange circle will display with the number of students that exited LockDown.
  4. If the assessment had early exits, click the menu drop-down and select Review Early Exits.
  5. A listing of students that exited the assessment early will appear with the date and their reason.  Once done reviewing the list, click the Close Early Exits Review button.
    (The orange circle will disappear after you have review the results but the report will still be accessible.)

Student view went exiting LockDown early: