SmartShield and Classroom PCs at Mary Baldwin Staunton

Classroom PCs on the Staunton Mary Baldwin Campus are SmartShielded the second Friday after classes start.  In order to protect the instructor workstations from unexpected changes, the computer will automatically re-set whenever it reboots to how it looked on the date of Smartshielding.

Until that date, professors are ADMINISTRATORS on the classroom PCs.

In order to make sure you have everything you need to teach during the semester, please install any software and plug-ins, test out any programs and add URLs to your Favorites that you will need for this term during the first 3 weeks of the semester.

iTunes and Quicktime have been removed from the standard image due to annoying update popups. VLC Media Player has been added which will play most forms of music and video files including mpeg4 (which is what Quicktime was used for).

To play Quicktime videos using VLC, you may have to do this the first time:

1) Right Click on the file
2) Choose Open With
3) Choose Default Program and then Other Programs
4) Click on VLC
5) Make sure “always use the selected program to open this kind of file” is clicked
6) Click on OK

If you need iTunes, you can install it during the first 2 weeks of class. If you do install iTunes, please drop OIT ( an email immediately so we can inform the other folks who teach in this classroom to let them know they should do the popup-reduction process described here before the SmartSheilding date:     Your colleagues will thank you for helping us let them know how to avoid these annoying popups.

When you leave your classroom the second week of the term,  please X out of your individual Firefox pages, otherwise Firefox will be saved in a state of  “remembering” which pages you were viewing before the machine was Smartshielded and every time you start Firefox from then on that page will be retrieved.

Printers: If you will need to use the printer in a classroom/lab, please add the printer before Smartshielding, so it will be available for you all semester long.  To add the printer:

From Start,   Type \\print_server in the search box
Scroll until you see the printer you wish to add
Double-click on that printer name and it will install.

After Smartshielding, the classroom computer will be locked for permanent updates and professors will not be Administrators on Classroom PCs unless they specifically request that ability.  If you need to be an Administrator on a classroom PC,  please do the following :

  1.  Contact OIT  and tell them in which classroom(s) you need to be a PC Administrator
  2. Go into Adobe, Quicktime and iTunes and turn off the check for updates option.  Directions are at:  A tutorial is available here:   This will help you set up the machine so you won’t get software update popups.

If you need to make permanent changes after the PC is Smartshielded please contact the OIT Help Desk.