Classroom Technology-Deep Freeze and Signing Out

The classroom PCs at Mary Baldwin are protected with Deep Freeze software.  This means after the first two weeks of the semester, a snapshot of how the PC is set up is saved and after that time every time the PC reboots it will revert back to the way it looked on that day.  Downloads, bookmarks, and settings saved while the computer is Frozen will not be saved following a reboot.

If you want to save bookmarks on a classroom computer that will reappear the next time you sign in, save them during the first two weeks of the semester.

In order to protect the computer and your accounts, re-enable Deep Freeze by restarting the computer when you are done. To restart a PC, click on the Windows icon in the lower border, then click on the power button icon, and click on Restart. For a Mac, please click on the Apple icon in the upper left and click on “Log out…”