File storage for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Full-time faculty and staff are given 500Mb of Network Drive Space. This storage space is automatically mapped to the MBU PC you are using as Drive U: when you log on to the Mary Baldwin domain from on campus. This space is provided as a resource to act as a backup for important documents or files you may have.  Items in your U: Drive are backed up by IT. As always, we advise that you backup your critical data often to multiple media.

Faculty and Staff may have access to their U: Drives from off-campus if they have a Mary Baldwin Laptop with the Global Protect VPN client.

Departments are given shared folders on the Mary Baldwin network. Contact the Help Desk for more information. Shared folders are only accessible from campus unless you are using the Global Protect VPN client.

All students, faculty and staff are given Google Drive cloud storage space as well. This space is available to you any time you are logged into Gmail. It allows file sharing as well.

A University Microsoft 365 account uses OneDrive for cloud-based file storage and sharing.