Connecting to the Mary Baldwin Wireless Network

Mary Baldwin campuses offer two ways to connect to the wireless network. Students, faculty, and staff should connect to “Mary Baldwin Wifi” with their Mary Baldwin account credentials. Guests have access to register to use a free Mary Baldwin Guest connection (requires access to text messaging service for registration).

To connect wirelessly to the Mary Baldwin Network with your network account credentials from a device running:

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

Apple MAC


Apple Phone or Tablet (IOS)

Network Passwords expire every 90 days, so if you have difficulty getting access, please call the Help Desk at (540)-887-7075.

To connect to the Mary Baldwin Network Guest Wi-Fi from all operating systems:


If you have a network password, but cannot see the Mary Baldwin Wifi from your PC, follow the instructions here:

Manually adding the MBU Wifi network to your Win 7 personal computer