Your MBU Network and Gmail Passwords

MBU network password

This is set up and managed in the portal. Your MBU network password gives you access to:

  • MyMBU (used for many functions including directory look-up, and faculty/student access to course and grade information)
  • Office applications and OneDrive storage
  • Canvas
  • Grafton Library catalog
  • MBU wifi
  • Other MBU applications

See guidelines for your MBU network password and how to change it

MBU gmail password

  • Your MBU gmail credentials are used only for MBU gmail and Google Suite applications such as Google Drive.

Your MBU network and your MBU Gmail passwords are NOT linked. You can make them the same, but if you change one, the other will not change automatically.

To change your MBU Gmail password, click on the gear setting in the upper right part of the window, then:

Accounts –> Google Account settings –> Personal info –> Password