Kemper Snyder

To answer your question,


You want to see inside my brain, so here

I’ll let you in. Connected are my eyes.

Not only Amblyopia, but shaded like 

unpleasant rust and typically puddling,

becoming blurry with tsunami like waves, 

caused by disappointment the mirror reveals. 

Lower is my mouth. Filled with twenty-eight 

diverse stones. Covered with plump, salmon 

shaded sacks of fat, creating a deformed

expression, accompanied by quotations 

formed by meaty cheeks. Higher are my

friendly caterpillars. Unmanageable with

a tint close to obsidian, yet my oversized

forehead draws the attention away from it

all. To answer your question, no beauty lies

beneath, nor is there love existing strong 

Enough to blind you from the monster 

looking back at me. Do you see what I see? 

To answer your question, I’ll make it 

crystal clear. I’m appalled at what I see

and images validate my claims, but 

your mutual feelings are what I fear.