Dear Beautiful People,

Thank you for taking the time to read my January blog post! I am super grateful for you all! So, we are saying “thank you, next..” to any negativity that we encounter all 2019.  We will not let mean people or mean encounters disrupt our energy. With that being said,  people do not understand the importance of maintaining positive energy.  Energy has the power to create your success or cause issues to arise, everything that you involve yourself in is a reflection of the type energy you have. Many people do not realize that you can feel people’s energy, energy can either positively or negatively impact people and your surroundings. I hope you realize how important your energy is!

Here are some tips on how to prevent people from disrupting your energy!

  • Start your day with meditation and a good quote
  • Remember to take “Me Time.”
  • Stop worrying about the future and live in the present!
  • Let go of the constant need to be in control

I hope you all use these tips and if anyone needs more tips or needs a listening ear, please feel free to DM me via Instagram @itsssniii

– Respectively, Ni’Asia Griffin