“What’s special about January?” I asked.

“Nothing really,” the other RA replied.


Me and another RA were trying to figure out what new bulletin boards to put up for January. The holiday boards with Christmas trees and minoras were beginning to look silly as we neared the third week in January.


“I guess there’s resolutions, but we kind of missed that period already,” I said. The other RA nodded.


There’s a somewhat comforting monotonousness about January. It’s sunny, it snows, the snow melts except for the hills in the distance. It gets warm enough that you can feel it on your face, but not warm enough to wear sandals (which I am totally ready for sandal season). January marks the beginning of a new year. Instagram is flooded with ‘new year, new me’ posts along with updates with resolutions until about the third week. After the third week, all of that begins to peter out, leaving the monotonousness.


A couple friends of mine took on a resolution that ended towards the end of January purposefully. It involved starting the year off right by bettering yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. I had no idea this specific diet/resolution existed until I heard about and thought it was super awesome. I realized I was quite a bit late to start it and thus resolved to do it the next year. Upon coming to this conclusion I realized that it would be 2020 when I did it which made me feel old, which made me realize how soon I’ll be graduating, which made me panic. And then I remembered my resolution. It’s said best by the famous Douglas Adams in his novel A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Don’t Panic. That’s my goal for the year. Don’t Panic. Trust and live in the moment. Personally in my experience, things always work out, even if not in the way I expect it to, and it’s really about perspective, but isn’t everything? So, whatever this year holds for you whether its big life changes like a new job or a new school or if its small things like what new game to buy; I implore you, Don’t Panic. This year has never been lived before and since I’m quoting so many cliche things (besides Douglas Adams) I might as well finish this off with one more: life is what you make it so go forth into 2019 clothed in the armour of the words Don’t Panic and armed with your knowing ability to do just that.