Ambrosia Woliver
Netflix’s Top 5 Thrillers for a Lonely Night In
It’s storming cats and dogs, you’ve just ordered Dominos, Netflix is up and running and the only thing left to do is watch a movie to top it all off. After scrolling for several minutes, you’re feeling a little hopeless. If this is you, fear not dear reader! This list of mind-blowing thrillers is sure to carry you through your next few stormy, pizza nights.

1. The Butterfly Effect





Starring our favorite Ashton Kutcher, this psychological thriller takes you through the life of Evan Treborn who has several blackouts during traumatic experiences only to remember them years later while reading his old journals from childhood. It gets better: he can time travel and change his own future along with his friend’s. This one is sure to leave you questioning your yesterdays and your tomorrows.

2. The Autopsy Of Jane Doe





After local police are called to a fresh crime scene, more than a murdered, elderly couple is discovered. In the basement, under the dirt, lies what appears to be a newly dead young woman. One father, one son, one mortuary, and one dead body create a brutal night of terror, unexpected findings, and chills on the back of your neck: all in the name of finding out who she is. Watching a few episodes of Sofia The First wouldn’t be anything to feel ashamed of after making it through this jumpscare horror film.

3. The Lovely Bones





Caught up in a whirlwind of love for photography and British exchange student Ray Singh, 14-year-old Susie Salmon narrates us through the year 1973. Her parents were happily married, she had the ideal family: her life was totally normal. Little did she know, George Harvey, her middle-aged, peculiar next door neighbor was more than peculiar. One evening Susie cut through a bare cornfield on her way home after school only to be stopped by Harvey who tempts her into looking at an underground clubhouse that he dug for the neighborhood kids. Susie realizes that it’s getting late and attempts to leave, but Harvey rapes and murders her leaving her family and friends in shambles. Curl into your covers and watch Susie as she reaches to her family whilst being stuck on the other side in order to obtain justice for her unsettling and brutal death.

4. Netflix’s Own “What Happened To Monday”





Sisterhood, survival, and a distorted society drench this epic Netflix Original thriller. In the midst of overpopulation and fear of running out of resources, government officials enforce a new law stating that every family is only allowed one child. In order for crops to grow at the same increasing rate of the human population, hormones are used, but faster crop production is not the only effect. These hormones also cause twins, triplets, quadruplets and so on during pregnancy. With the one-child law in effect, families are forced to put their other children away into “cryosleep” promising that their children will be woken up after overpopulation is obsolete. One man and his septuplets find loopholes to staying alive well into their twenties only to be discovered by the government. Will they survive?

Drumroll Please………

5. Hush





Deaf writer, Maddie lives a fairly secluded life in a cabin in the woods with her cat and her best friend living minutes down the path from her. On a quiet, average night, Maddie becomes the target of a murderer who holds her hostage inside her own home only, he’s outside. She moves from place to place trying to find a way to escape this horror without the advantage of hearing any warning when the killer is near. In this hair-raising film, silence can be deadly.

Hopefully, this list of well-written films has saved you from a night of cold pizza and continuous, indecisive scrolling. Lock your doors and keep your night lights on. . . . .