Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

      Ambrosia Woliver


    There are two kinds of college students on Halloween: those who stay in, study and order pizza and those who dress up, go out with friends and have a blast. By this point, you probably don’t have the time to order a costume but don’t fret!! Whether you plan on brushing up on your Biology material or getting lit with our besties, be sure to check out these simply classic Halloween costumes!


The Age-Old Classic Cat 

    Items Needed: Black Eyeliner, White Eye-shadow, Cat Ears, Black outfit

    Everyone loves a good cat costume, so don’t think too much about this one being common wear. Rock that Halloween party with this easy, meow-mazing costume!

Marilyn Monroe

Items Needed: White Dress, White Heels, Pearl Necklace, Red Lipstick, Blonde Hair or Wig, Black Eyeliner (for eyes and beauty mark)

Happy Birthday Mr. President! This timeless look never goes unnoticed. Perfect for a quick and comfortable yet stylish night out, Marilyn Monroe will always be one of the best options for Halloween.


A Princess

       Items Needed: Old Prom Dress or Shiny Dress From Ross, Matching Heels, Makeup, Coordinating Jewelry

Time to recycle those over-priced prom dresses, ladies!! Too late to buy an extravagant dress in an attempt to be Cinderella for one night? Recycle your prom dress from high school! Whether or not your dress fits a specific princess, you can revamp it, make it your own, and catch eyes!



Items Needed: Oversized Shirt, Shorts, Scrunchies, Crocs or Birkenstocks or White Converse, Long Socks, Natural-looking Makeup, A single-pearl necklace

    If you already dress like this on the daily, skskskooch on over to your closet and start searching! Make sure to add a little extra flare such as several scrunchies on your wrist or carry around a petition to save the turtles if this is your usual style. If this isn’t your regular choice of outfit, you know what to do ;).

Hopefully, this list has something for you if you were previously having a mental break down about your lack of creative abilities. Be sure to check out the LOE party in Hunt on 10/31/19 and have a spooktacular Halloween! Haunt on, ghosts!!