Hello everyone!

These past two weeks have been rather chaotic here at Mary Baldwin. Last Wednesday the campus made the decision to go online. By Sunday, most people, including myself, were home. This is the first time in our eleven years that we have operated as a team remotely, but don’t worry! We’ve got loads of content coming your way! While we cannot host the Open Mic Nights we had planned on campus, we can and will be writing lots of blog posts to keep you entertained during the quarantine that most people in the US are living with right now. You can expect a mix of content that is reflective, joyful, and outright funny; how else is one expected to cope with a pandemic of such proportions that it will likely take up chapters in history books? We hope all of you are safe and healthy and take some time to peruse some of our favorite pieces of work from 2020!



Liesel Lutz

Editor in Chief