People think of corny cliches like exchanging kisses, romantic dates, happily ever afters, and couples holding hands when they think of love. No one ever considers the disadvantages. Why don’t people consider the tears and the lonely nights, the heartache and conflicts, the yelling and being thrown out, and having to sleep on the couch? The reason for this is simple: people do not want to. They regard love as a fantasy rather than a reality. Individuals must keep in mind that love is a complicated yet delicate structure based on mutual respect, trust, and understanding. People must constantly work on their relationships if they are to last. Because of the expectations that people have, as well as their differing viewpoints, fears, self-doubt, and past events, love is a challenge.

There is no such thing as perfection as a result, no one has the right to expect perfection from others when they make mistakes. The viewpoints and styles of individuals can be a problem. Many people in relationships don’t like to share their thoughts and feelings. People have to be willing to teach and learn from their partners. Partners can honestly tell you about your weaknesses, but when criticized it is taken as an attack. Take for instance you may ask your partner “What’s wrong” or “Are you ok” and they would answer “Nothing” but still look bothered. This is due to their desire to be understood without the use of words. In their fantasy world, people believe their partners can read their minds and know exactly what is wrong with them, but this is not the case.

Individuals let their fears and self-doubt get in the way of relationships. Sometimes they may fear being hurt, or fear that they are not good enough, or fear that their partners will see them as weak. It’s hard for a person to show someone all that they are and how imperfect they are. This can cause someone to hide away from love. People want to be loved but they fear loss. Past events and obligations are another reason why love is a struggle. Many people when they get into relationships they let past things that were done carry on into the next relationship connecting back to the fear that their new partner may have the same bad qualities that they have already been through. Individuals can have trust issues that keep them from expressing or accepting love, and there are certain obligations that people have within a relationship.

The real question is are you gonna be ready to handle it when it hits you. Many people are not ready for the battle that comes with being in love, others get so entrapped by it that they don’t notice the love that they already have around them. Love is like riding a rollercoaster. The majority of those who are affected are left with scars that never fully heal. Love is like playing hide and seek in the dark. You can’t see where you are headed, and sometimes you find someone, sometimes you don’t. You move blindly and sometimes you can experience pain and smack into a wall. At the end of the day, you are still enjoying the thrill but never focusing on the mistakes.