Maybe Then


Drained Foam


City Stars


Christine Beatty was born and raised in the hot sands of Southern Arizona and grown on the love of chalk, puddles, and stormy days. Educated by travel and observation, she is influenced by wanderlust and a love of the sea despite her origin in the desert. However, this has all led her to present day in which she is studying Photography and Design at Arizona State University and working to become a professional photographer.

“As the ocean ebbs upon green glass and worn bottle caps, so images trace the mind and tumble until the edges are worn and smooth.” Christine Beatty works often in self-portraits, examining many perspectives of the same subject and the various forms of oneself that exist. She works to embody the idea of reflection and contemplation, and strives to embody a type of surreal reality that hints at archetypes and the subconscious as well as a type of fantasy landscape and dreamland.