Smoke Girl


 Bitch Face



Kristen Melton enjoys portraying human emotions through color and expression. She has been painting and drawing for six years and has recently gotten into sculpture. She is a freshman in college, majoring in Fine Arts with a concentration of Painting and Drawing.

“Smoke Girl” portrays the concept of beauty found in the worst things. It is a mixed media piece done with acrylic, watercolor, and experimental media like makeup and cola. Through bright purples and pinks and orange undertones, it uplifts the harmful effects of smoking, showing that it can be beautiful as well. “Smoke Girl” is not meant to change opinions, but just to teach acceptance and to open the viewers eyes. “Bitch Face” is a personal piece to the artist. It shows a reaction to being told she is or seems to be a bitch. This piece was made from cut magazine pages on paper. The “resting bitch face” has become a staple for those who look angry or displeased when they are making no facial expression. “Bitch Face” portrays surprise, disagreement, and disbelief towards the idea of a “resting bitch face.”