There she is.

What a waste of space.

Not just on this planet, 

but in this universe.

Does she even know how ashamed she should be of herself?

I know you may think I’m being cruel, but 

look at her…


she must know how ridiculous she is.

her body will never be desirable to anyone.

who could stand to look at her face all day?

she has a nonexistent personality.

even if she were to listen to this evidence, 

no one could ever love her for who she truly is.


But as I go to stop this embarrassment,

all I can see are her 

empty eyes and

her broken spirit

as I approach the mirror.




I breathe in the crisp, cool air,

the lush trees around me heady with refreshment.

As I drink in the coolness of the forest,

my mind turns to the rich, bitter coffee in my hand,

the steam mixing with the early morning vapor.

The same color as the damp ground beneath me,

I turn my attention to the scene in front of me.

My tent sits in the stillness of the morning,

and the embers from last night’s fire glow faintly.

As I take off my flannel jacket, the sharp mountain air 

rushes to meet my bare flesh.

As I shiver, I remember the tameness of the wilderness I am experiencing,

and I am reminded of my journey once again. 




The scent of well-worn pages surrounds me as I enter this sacred place.

Oh, what wisdom is held here! 

How peaceful is this space,

where there is nothing to fear.

These wonders draw me close

into a safe space of imagination,

and the words upon the pages are kind strokes,

inviting me to explore the depths of creation. 

The knowledge gained by those who have come before me

inspires me to continue

as I wonder, “Where shall I start amongst these treasures which come from trees?”

As I comb the shelves, the ancient wood creating an intellectual sinew, 

I know that wherever I start will be worthy of filling my soul.

However, as I search, I cannot help but think:

The uncut, woody brothers of these chronicles are being burned with coal

and with the billowing smoke that follows, the understanding of the world will shrink. 



Biographical Note: Annie Seboe is a sophomore at Huntington University. She is an English-Literature major and plans to become an English professor. In her free time, she is a collegiate athlete and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.