Rippling Skies

Floors of silken sand

brushed by manta wings

gape meters below

floating bodies.

Coral crawls jaggedly

for attention from untouchable

rays that fall through the waves

and tickle psychedelic scales

that swim without a passing glance.

Blue bobbles overhead

and rules with a raging hand,

breathing liquid air into all but the floating bodies.

They lock their lungs, release their grip on instinct,

and hang in this happy limbo

with the sand as the earth

and the ocean as the sky.


But You Don’t Look Sick

Exhaustion hunkers under

youthfully tight skin

and casts a heavy fog

over a growing brain.

Confused neurons drop

lucid thoughts to avoid

a migraine pile up.

Functional hands need

a wavy keyboard

to type coherently

and straight legs require

a cane to walk correctly

despite heavy medication

taken twice daily

they still tell me,

“But you don’t look sick.”


Biographical Note: Ariane Campbell is a sophomore Honors student at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Her work has been previously published in her university’s online magazine, The Sailfish Review. Outside of her studies, she finds every excuse to bake, climb, and write novels for young adults.