Some Lovely Words While Callbacking.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. It’s worse

than I remember; fitting that I burst

with inspiration while I wait with hacks.

Where do I shape this sonnet? At callbacks.


As a thick theatre kid, callbacks killed my

time, crafted my care, and dragged dull me by

the heels. I hated yet craved it. That game

for fools drew me in each time. It’s so lame.


I hate how much I care for this cheap way

of mocking scared performers, buying trays

of decent talents, and abducting large

ensembles for some dumb showboats and cars.


I’m so sick of this sweaty sad room full

of morons battling for stupid roles.


Biographical Note: Caleb Delos-Santos is a poet and student double majoring in Acting for the Stage and Screen and English at Azusa Pacific University. He is a junior with two published poems and one non-fiction with West Wind Magazine. Writing helps him to improve his mental health. He dreams of a successful writing career.