Indescribable Beauty 


I imagine your lips

pressed against mine

as the music draws me away

from the present moment I had been stuck in 


Even though you are just a feeling

because kisses are done with eyes closed 

and the pure feeling of pleasure 

deserves to be felt and not seen 


So, to you who I love so intimately 

only with my eyes closed 

who stole my heart ages ago 

who I may not have met yet


I write all these poems to you 

I fold all my feelings like a secret note 

passed secretly in class 

or a message sent by carrier pigeon 


hopefully they will find you 

where ever you may be 

because I love you and only you 

with all of me that ever was and all I ever will be


Your beauty that I have yet to be blessed enough to see 

stole my eyes, heart, and soul 

long before we could ever 

have the pleasure of physical touch 


I like to imagine that your soul knows mine 



The Myth of Happiness


If happiness was more than a myth 

I would give all of mine to you 

I would send it through a piano 

or sing it through the air


But every bit of it would be for you 

Because if it was mine 

I would keep it in a box until it was overflowing 

and I would see sound and hear color


But I would be alone 

releasing small tinks on piano keys 

and me and you would never meet

because what is love for besides a step towards happiness 


So take my hand, so I can give

all my happiness to you 

like I was stealing stars from the sky 

so, I can write music instead of poems


so, I didn’t have to die alone 

because I’m sure I’ve lived more than once 

and maybe knew French or science

but now all I am is me and all I am is here


And all I feel is alone 

and present



Love Like Trumpets


I fear I will leave you waiting

for a letter that will never come 

as I sit entangled in my musings

where songs taunt me and my pen stills


I write 

and I write

and I write

but the right words never come


I feel like radio static 

when I need dew drops on veridian leaves

when I need a long hug from my closest ally 

when I need


And I yearn for a you 

that I feel I’ll never meet 

And I spend money 

like I know where it comes from 


And I cry where no one can see

Not even me

And I dream 

dreams that make more sense than I like


And I wish that love sounded like trumpets 

and not piano against rain



A Voice to Reach the Heavens


This is just an old song 

I sing in the dark 

hoping for my voice to

be able to reach far

to the moon and the stars


So, I can speak to the gods 

that you so often seek 

to save you from yourself

and yourself from me

But one day you’ll see


I need no saving 

not from you

or by any god or goddess above

I am stronger than anyone

and my voice is loud and strong


It’s enough to fill a room 

or just enough to reach one’s ears

and it is filled

with so much love for you

enough to make you one of the deities above



Biographical Note: Candice Phelan was born and raised in San Jose, CA. Growing up, she discovered a love for creating things and strives to keep creating to this day through her hobbies. Candice is a senior at San Jose State University studying Creative Writing. You can find more of her poetry in the Poets & Writers Coalitions zines Quarent-zine and Hallow-zine.